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Every Marketing Department wants to ask a million questions of their customers. But of course you can’t. Every question on a form increases the abandon rate, so best practices demand that you only ask 2 or 3 questions at a time. But how do you do ask for key pieces of information like name and email first, and secondary questions like industry and title second, when you don’t know which white paper or seminar the prospect will first choose? How do you take advantage of the fact that each return of a prospect is an opportunity to understand them better?

Progressive Profiling solves the problem by asking the prospect a series of questions over a series of offers, with the most important questions tendered first, regardless of which white paper or seminar they sign up for. When the prospect then goes to download their second or third white paper, additional, but different questions are asked, and so on. Because you only ask 2-4 questions at a time, the abandon rate is kept low. Thus, over time, your prospects climb a ladder of qualification and segmentation giving both marketing and sales better information and creating a far more robust profile on your prospect than is possible with static forms. This can help with lead scoring, salesperson setup, and future segmentation. It’s particularly valuable for situations where prospects engage with your website several times over weeks or months.

Progressive Profiling

Most marketers understand the value of adding contacts to their database. They understand that each qualified contact they add is another opportunity to sell. But many marketers miss the amazing value of getting those prospects to gradually add to their profile over time. If your website focuses exclusively on retrieving name and email… but fails to collect more information with which to personalize and qualify in follow-up interactions, you can make huge gains via Progressive Profiling.

Progressive Profiling eases your prospects into a deeper relationship with your company, one where you more know about them, and where you communicate on a more personalized basis giving them more personalized marketing assets at the right time. Call us to discuss how Progressive Profiling might work at your organization at 1-888-Eloqua4


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